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Aš esu, bet manęs nėra

Nei vienos prakeiktos dienos,nei vienos prakeiktos dienos, nei vienos prakeiktos dienos, nei vienos, nei vienos...
 O naktimis skaičiuoju  besibalškančius šešėlius sienoje. Ir kiekvieną naktį tas pats skaičius. Matyt, todėl, kad pro langą tas pats vaizdas.

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43. Lietuvoje nėra valstybinės religijos

11 Steps 
How to become buddhist:

1Read about Siddhartha Gautama the "exalted one", the father of Buddhism.
2.       Learn about the Buddha's teachings which include (but are not limited to) the 4 noble truths and the eightfold path.
3.       Practice [Buddhist meditation] in order to free your mind from worry and focus on the present to achieve inner peace.
4.       The Buddha taught that as we all go through the life cycle, we will meet with some inconvenience, not always satisfactory and there may be suffering. I
5.       Understand and research the concepts of rebirth and Karma.
6.       Understand "dukkha" and Buddhist definitions of the many sufferings.
7.       Determine which of the many paths of Buddhism you would like to pursue, whether it be Zen Buddhism, Theravada (a very traditional form), or Mahayana. 
8.       Practice the Buddha's teachings in your everyday life.
9.       Participate within your local Buddhist community. 
10.  The Four Noble Truths are:
  • Life means suffering.
  • The origin of suffering is attachment.
  • The cessation of suffering is attainable.
  • The path to the cessation of suffering is detachment.
11.  The Eightfold Path is broken down into three sub-topics:
  • Wisdom
    1. Right View
    2. Right Intention
  • Ethical Conduct
    1. Right Speech
    2. Right Action
    3. Right Livelihood
  • Mental Development
    1. Right Effort
    2. Right Mindfulness
    3. Right Concentration